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Our full-service Infrastructure Management - GIS Divisions provide comprehensive infrastructure management and engineering services, as well as database management, street & ROW inspection services, capital improvement reporting and GIS/GPS implementation, GIS staff augmentation and management.  Our team consists of registered civil engineers; former Director of Public Works-City Engineers, management analysts and maintenance specialists who can help implement solutions based upon your infrastructure needs and provide assistance through each step of your project.

Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. commits to providing its clients with personalized service.  By selecting Bucknam, your agency will receive a strong, knowledgeable, innovative, and communicative team with the experience to implement a cost-effective management programs.  Our handpicked management professionals are committed to delivering quality services to your agency.  Our offices are supported by 10 employees, are located in Oceanside and Laguna Niguel, CA.

•    Pavement Management Programs (PMP)
•    Sign Inventory - Traffic Control Device Inventory (TCDI)
•    Sidewalk Inventory and Management
•    PMP Database Conversion (MicroPAVER, StreetSaver, CarteGraph, etc.)
•    Airport Pavement Management Services
•    Geographic Information System (GIS) Implementation, Staff Augmentation and Citywide Management
•    PMP-GIS Linking
•    County PMP Compliance Report (LACMTA, OCTA, SD TransNet, SB, Riverside)
•    Public Right-of-Way (ROW) Inventory
•    Digital Roadway Imaging (GPS Data Collection)
•    GIS Digitization / GPS Data Collection
•    ADA Compliance Inventory (Self Evaluation - Transition Planning)
•    Digital Scanning - Record Retention (w/GIS Link)
•    GIS Intranet Integration and Management


With over twenty (20) years of experience in managing pavement networks, our team brings relevant, qualified and proven success to your project.  Pavement management isn’t simply identifying condition; it is knowing how to manage a network in a way that benefits short-term need and long-term management.

Bucknam stands at the forefront of pavement management implementation, assessment and delivery and we will bring this passion to your agency from the beginning.  Our project manager (and President), Mr. Peter Bucknam has managed over 220 PMP projects throughout the western United States; his team combined has surveyed over 41,200 miles of pavement over the past 20 years.  This experience lends to applicable solutions for your unique pavement needs and goals.

Bucknam’s pavement management team’s local agency expertise is demonstrated through:
   •   Our experience of managing pavement projects over the past twenty years;
   •   Assisting cities comply with LACMTA, OCTA Measure M2 and other PMP requirements through our extensive experience;
   •   Implementing numerous pavement management software’s such as MicroPAVER, StreetSaver, CarteGraph, etc.;
   •   Extensive Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, and Inland Empire PMP project management experience;
   •   Our understanding of public works projects from the “city” side through City Engineer and Public Works Director experience; and
   •   Implementing a realistic, proactive and repeatable PMP methodology that matches your agencies needs and goals.

Bucknam will bring our extensive experience to your City by building upon our knowledge and understanding of your PMP goals. Mr. Bucknam’s team includes eight (8) dedicated, certified and qualified managers and field technicians that have served under his management for over fifteen years on PMP projects. His team of inspectors will update your PMP through sound Army Corps of Engineers - ASTM D6433 (streets) & D5340 (airport) inspection methodologies.


Over the past twenty years Bucknam has provided digital roadway imaging services to our clients.  As cities mature with data management, GIS implementation and O&M, the ability to quickly, accurately and efficiently collect known street and right-of-way assets is a must.  Our services allow our field technicians to collect GPS assets five times faster than current GPS hand-held technologies.

Not only that, the digital imagery that is utilized can be used again and again for numerous field collection projects (pavement + sign + catch basin + etc.) preventing your agency to issue four to five separate contracts.  With one set of imagery, your agency will be able to collect other infrastructure assets in the future such as signs, catch basins and other ROW features; a tremendous costs savings.

Collecting numerous assets from “one set of imagery” allows our staff to survey all street and right-of-way assets through one pass along the street section.  This methodology is an essential building block as your agency begins to build valid GIS/GPS infrastructure data, identify long-term management processes, and implements maintenance management programs.

Additionally, our staff can perform retro-reflectivity data collection during our sign inventory surveys or perform retro-reflectivity analysis on your existing sign database.

Our automated digital imaging allows our field vans and technicians to collect the following:

   •    Continuous imaging (images taken every 5 meters, competition typically surveys at every 8 meters/25 feet intervals)
   •    Imaging captures 100% of each pavement segment (not just one lane)
   •    Data transfers seamlessly to ESRI, Work Order and numerous infrastructure software’s
   •    Retro-reflectivity Services
        2mm pixel images allows for centimeter horizontal and vertical accuracy
   •    Optional Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for arterials and collectors

View the embedded image gallery online at:

The survey process will involve the mobile GPS vehicle taking approximately two-week’s time to survey a street network of 400+ miles; additionally, the vehicles drive the posted speed limits.  The images that are collected are taken by using Sony digital stereographic cameras (4 to 6 cameras) positioned on the vehicle.  The images have a resolution of 2448x2050 and are geo-referenced by means of inertial GPS equipment contained within the van; images are taken every 4 to 6 meters, 15 ft. intervals.

The quality of the imagery and the GIS / record collecting capabilities within the software allows the technician to accurately identify the required sign assets/attributes defined by the scope of work. 

Survey vehicles are equipped with digital measuring instrumentation (DMI) that will be used to verify all section lengths and widths.  Our vehicles can be equipped with road roughness rating equipment, strip mapping cameras and are set to record 360 degree street imaging.  The required inspections will be performed by the Bucknam team that is experienced and trained in asset collection and condition assessment using LambdaTech’s “Feature Extraction” software.   Our staff has collected over 150,000 known assets for our clients.




Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. offers a team of GIS professionals with broad experience in GIS development, digitization and integration.  We provide numerous GIS Management Services for our clients which span:

•    Integrating infrastructure data into existing GIS Enterprise systems
•    GIS staff augmentation (annual contract citywide services); GIS feasibility studies
•    Retro-reflectivity Services
     GPS data collection (signs, sidewalk, pavement, etc.)
•    Linking record retention documents to GIS
•    Infrastructure thematic mapping
•    Digitizing, geo-referencing
•    Digital Roadway Imaging (see other services)
•    ArcServer, ArcSDE, GeoServer application development
•    Web Applications - XY Map Integration
•    PMP-GIS Link (MicroPAVER, CarteGraph, etc.)

Additionally, we can assist you in establishing GIS technology to operate more efficiently and a strong return-on-investment from your GIS data sources. Depending on your current short-term and long-term needs, Bucknam will: •    Help you develop a GIS strategy and business plan
•    Implement common-sense goals and achievable project schedules
•    Supplement your staff to build, collect and manage your GIS

Our clients include local agencies, airports, sanitation districts, utility agencies and HOA’s.  They all benefit from our staff's core GIS experience and project success.



Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc. offers record scanning and cataloging services to our clients.  As more and more agencies convert to electronic media and data sharing our scanning services assist our clients in cost-effectively scanning and storing critical engineering, planning and building plans within your GIS.

Time is of the essence as aging plans deteriorate to conditions that call for immediate record retention.  Our experienced staff can quickly assess and catalog all your critical stored and hanging files and build the necessary intelligence for each sheet/plan within your management databases.


Bucknam provides the following scanning services:

   •    Assessment of Current Records Management systems
   •    Scanning and Cataloging services
   •    Establishing GIS Link between plans and your GIS assets / programs
   •    Development of Plan Submittal requirements




We are always seeking bright individuals to be a part of our thriving team of experts. Click the link below to see the opportunities available.


Oceanside Office

3548 Seagate Way, Suite 230
Oceanside, CA 92056

Email: peter (at)

760-216-6529 (office)
760-216-6549 (fax)

Laguna Niguel Office

25004 La Plata Drive
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Email: peter (at)

949-363-6461 (office)
949-363-6505 (fax)

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